Running and Printing

Press check marathon day today! This is a cyan printing plate of a book we are currently printing here in Tasmania. UnseenMtn-plateCyan

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A Bone of Fact


It has been a while since I have updated my website. Busy times! Here are other peoples snaps in the meantime. It’s my almost latest book design which was finished this year and has just been released by the publisher. A Bone of Fact David Walsh wrote his autobiography. Thanks for the job Museum of Old an New Art!

IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0325 IMG_0326 IMG_0327IMG_0665IMG_0666IMG_0667IMG_0668IMG_0669IMG_0670IMG_0671IMG_0672IMG_0673

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Her Maj Festival


Risograph printers have been popping up everywhere over the last few years. They are great for poster and zine printing for small-ish print runs. The process is similar to a screen-printing process, just quicker and less messy (if you work with someone who knows what they do, like Alice). When I was asked to design a poster for ‘Her Majesty’s favourite, really great graphical Festival’ (what a mouthful), using a Riso was immediately on my mind. A great opportunity to play! Below are some pics of the process, showing the individual colour prints and layered on top of each other. The illustration is by Tasmanian artist Tom O’Hern (of course). Apparently it has almost already become a collectors item, even though the festival is still a good two weeks away…



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Hubert Duprat Catalogue

I’m forever grateful to Mona for having this opportunity to practise my long-forgotten French and also for having been given the job to design Hubert Duprat’s exhibition catalogue. Probably one of the most comprehensive catalogues about the work of this quite shy and witty French artist. Check out the exhibition here : Mona … Check out the catalogue here :

Hubert Duprat Catalogue Design – MONA from NKD on Vimeo.



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this type of place

IMG_7674Hobart, a town in Tasmania, close to Antarctica, founded just 210 years ago, in 1804, or thereabouts. This building is not that old, but one of the older ones in the city centre. I like how the letters seem to hold up the top of the frame on which they are standing on. Art nouveau style Egyptienne, with thick serifs and extremely high cross bars.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec comes to mind and his Paris Moulin Rouge posters, the chairs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and of course lots of Paris buildings with its voluptuous organic forms.

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Berlin Zine

Whilst walking through Berlin, I took many photos of the S-Bahn / U-Bahn (Berlin Underground – which also goes above ground, confusing I know). This zine contains some of the images assembled like a ride through Berlin – below ground, hopefully not so confusing. A huge Thank You goes out to Bridget who organised the ‘Small Press’ event in Hobart and during which this zine was created. A limited edition of 5 zines is available via SanKessto Publications. (There is also a Paris Zine somewhere on there)


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I’m happy to have had the chance to design another poster for Constance ARI. There are three new artists in the September Show hailing from three different Australian states: Jessie Lumb / South Australia, Jo Fulton / Tasmania and Kylie Spear / Queensland. The opening is on Friday Sept 13th on 100 Goulburn St, Hobart.

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Melbourne show: dies boot war hell rot

Melbourne show: dies boot war hell rot

Exhibition is on from August 23 – October 6 / 2013

at the Goethe Institute Melbourne / 448 St Kilda Rd / 9am–5pm / Mon–Fr

A few links with more info:

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Melbourne exhibition

Nad Exhibit 2013-hell-fb

I feel very honored to be invited by the Goethe Institut Australia to present my solo show ‘dies boot war hell rot’ in Melbourne. Check out details here (it’s also available in German).

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Beam in thine own eye

Beam-HObart1 Beam-HObart2

Once upon a time there was a sleepy shed at the waterfront in a small capital town on a not-so small island. The mostly un-noticed shed’s biggest dream suddenly came true in June 2013: they filled it with artwork from artists well and not-so-well known from around the whole world. People instantly noticed the building as it was lid with bright lights. There were strange sounds, fog and cider. Some loved it and others had seizures. But most people took an amazing and certainly new experience home. The artworks stimulated their brains to see shapes, formations and colours which could not be shared with anyone but themselves. It is only a few more days and this show will disappear forever and our shed will go back to his former dull existence. Grab a friend and go – there is hot chocolate and chess too. If you need to hold on a little longer you can get the catalogue, it has photographs of Hobart and Rioji Ikedas ‘spectra’ hidden inside the silver covers.

Beam in Thine Own Eye
Hunter Street, opposite Art School
Hobart, Tasmania

open: Fr–Sun 26-28 July 2013 / noon–7pm / $5

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