Display-typeface Design

A few years ago, whilst working on the Albuera Primary School design project, I was inspired by the organic forms and wanted to weave some of it into a typeface. Aiming for a geometric form that derives from an organic framework, two so-called polar opposites, the design reflects playfulness and strength as the same time. The typeface, which I named  Albuera, had been sitting in my ‘drawer’ (or more precisely ‘file folder’) for some time until my friend and designer Michelle Boyde asked me for a typeface she could use for an event design she was planning. It was the size she was looking for, that reminded me of Albuera, which was quickly un-dusted, set and laser-cut. I think it works really well in this size and Sunday seems to be happy (secretly) to have her name written all over the bar for her first birthday ; – )



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