SanKessto Publications


My other project I have been running together with Joshua Santospirito is SanKessto Publications. It’s a small Hobart based indie publishing house dedicated to provide a platform for discussion and promote Tasmanian Art(ists) and Design(ers). It started with our love for zines and zine making ( like our Typography Zines and Comic Zines ) and went on publishing a graphic novel ( The Long Weekend in Alice Springs ) and several Tasmanian artists comics, also known as Down There Series.

The Long Weekend in Alice Springs is so far SanKessto’s most widely distributed publication, available in bookstores Australia wide and many orders have been shipped worldwide. This graphic novel was a labour of love and took at least three years to complete. It was incredible humbling to see it reviewed in The Australian and winning the 2014 Northern Territory Read Non-Fiction Book Award as well as the ComicOz Award for Best Australian Original Comic Book for 2013.

We will continue the Down There Series with a few exciting artists in the pipeline as well as a couple of other long term projects, which we keep up to date via our facebook page. Please like us and come to our future launches for a laugh and a bevy!

SanKessto has an online store:

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