Beam in thine own eye

Beam-HObart1 Beam-HObart2

Once upon a time there was a sleepy shed at the waterfront in a small capital town on a not-so small island. The mostly un-noticed shed’s biggest dream suddenly came true in June 2013: they filled it with artwork from artists well and not-so-well known from around the whole world. People instantly noticed the building as it was lid with bright lights. There were strange sounds, fog and cider. Some loved it and others had seizures. But most people took an amazing and certainly new experience home. The artworks stimulated their brains to see shapes, formations and colours which could not be shared with anyone but themselves. It is only a few more days and this show will disappear forever and our shed will go back to his former dull existence. Grab a friend and go – there is hot chocolate and chess too. If you need to hold on a little longer you can get the catalogue, it has photographs of Hobart and Rioji Ikedas ‘spectra’ hidden inside the silver covers.

Beam in Thine Own Eye
Hunter Street, opposite Art School
Hobart, Tasmania

open: Fr–Sun 26-28 July 2013 / noon–7pm / $5

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