Day 1


Research and inspiration

Trip to Mona Museum (

ON the way the view from the car window: the white building seems to sit on a wall of rocks. The fog covers the rest of the museum and the original white building which the new modern architecture was built around is the only clearly visible part of the museum from the distance.

DRIVING onto the Moorilla Estate, the vinyards right and left remind me of home and my grandparents. I grew up between these rows.

NATIVE plants and olive trees – my garden comes to mind and Kolimbetra in Sicily


ENTERING the museum I notice I have no wallet and no proof of Tasmanian residency for free entry; Ryan is person 1 to save my day; he vouches for me

TESSA Farmers artwork is absolutely beautiful and so fine. It took three weeks to hang – they started with the swarm of bees; the limbs of the insects relax with alcohol

TODD McMillen sticks in my mind, the sound of old film projectors – Kindergarten memories

SARKIS – a museum in a museum, The frieze of war treasures, photos of artworks removed by colonial powers from the context of their creation


A typographers’ favourite past time, black and white rectangles moving bands in both directions, rhythmically, building new shapes, forming characters and words – gone in a minute

AMANDA the second Person to save my day; she lends me $5 for a hot chocolate;

SITTING by the window, looking down the Derwent; deciding to write a blog and invite designers to a typography event sometime

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