NK meets Mota Italic in Berlin

Mota-Italic-01 Typographers are spread around the globe. They work away infront of their computer, often alone, sometimes in the company of their cat. They often exchange their passion for fonts via the internet but sometimes THEY MEET IN PERSON! These rare moments are full of  geeky conversations around everything letter related! What an exciting moment to be able to share the love of voluptuous serifs, slender stems and perfect kerning!

Sonja and Rob Keller (middle and left on pic above) have created this beautiful space in Berlin. It is part studio, part exhibition space and book shop, all in one! They seem to be very dedicated to the world of letters, by designing their own fonts and graphics as well as nurturing a vibrant typography scene. It was a pleasure to meet them both in Berlin. Check out their website here.

Mota-Italic-02This little booklet was initiated and designed by Mota Italic and made for a nice souvenir to bring back to Australia. They paired Berlin based illustrators and typographers – CAPITAL – 54 Berlin based artists, designers, illustrators

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