A new gate for Albuera Primary School

Gate design for Albuera Primary School © Nadine Kessler

In collaboration with artist Jonathan Partridge, I designed a new gate for the Albuera Primary School, the Primary School Tasmanian’s Hollywood actor Errol Flynn went to centuries ago. The gate design is the final part of a three part public artwork. The first was a big tree with birds on the red entry wall, followed by the second part consisting of a three-storey window artwork (see image below). With the final element, the gate, all elements come together and form a unit. The birds seem to fly from the gate along the wall to the tree and vice-versa.

Just in news: stoked to hear that we won a 2012 PICA Gold award for the design of the gate!

Street view – Albuera Primary Gate © Nadine Kessler

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4 Responses to A new gate for Albuera Primary School

  1. Great to see such a welcoming gate. I love the artwork on the walls too. It really lifts the mood.

  2. nk says:

    Thank you for your kind words Sarah!

  3. nk says:

    And we just won a PICA Gold award for the gate design! yay! so stoked.

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