art to die {for}

What you want from the end of your life:
conversations about death and dying

(a collaborative art project with Jenny Fuller, Nadine Kessler,
Joshua Santospirito, Bruce Wilson, Sara Wright) 

Healthy dying is about reclaiming death from
the technologies and attitudes that would try
to keep us alive for longer than we want. In spite
of being surrounded by representations of death
and disaster we resist meaningful discussion
of the deaths of real people, including our own. 

We live in a Death Denying culture, and this
causes many people to suffer unnecessarily as
they die. We urge people to think about what they
want from the end of their life, and to take as
much control over a healthy death as they take
now over their healthy life.

This artwork will grow and change with your
words and ideas, and stimulate others to contribute
to social change.

The first part resulted in an interactive market stall at MoMa
at the Museum for Old and New Art in Hobart, Tasmania.
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