d-word and harp

© Nadine Kessler

Music and death play an important role in life. Loosing a close person in an accident or to a an illness, both can be found in music – memory and comfort.
Musician Peter Roberts is the only Thanatologist here in Australia. He plays the harp for people facing the end of their lives. The instrument has, according to studies, a significant influence for the patients’ well-being and produces a calming effect.
This inspired me to design a poster. The golden colour scheme represents honour. The hand drawn shape reflecting our individual lives. The round golden circle represents a defined place of where we all go.
In the Western World we don’t talk much about death and yet many people I  met on my travels have experienced loosing a loved person. I hope with my poster to inspire people to share their personal experience about death, accept it as much as birth as part of our lives.
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2 Responses to d-word and harp

  1. Bridget says:

    Nadine, this is so beautiful.
    i love it. and the story about the Thanatologist…ahh the millions of worlds out there that you can’t even imagine. what an amazing role to play in someone’s life and death.
    will you be selling these posters? i’d love to buy one or however you want to do it…
    Thanks for sharing this. Bridget

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