In the good woods

I have come around full circle – from furniture (1995) to graphic (2000) to Goodwood… now sharing an old warehouse with three furniture designers. My past might come in handy, who knows. I’m still doing graphics but the options are now so much more open!

This might all sound a bit cryptic… the story is this… we are 4 independent freelancers, sharing a work space together (which was something I have been looking for ever since I have moved to Tassie – 2 years). The furniture designers are Dan Schneider, Evan Hancock and Laura McCusker. I met Laura last year at a ‘blind date’ when we worked together on a collaborative piece for the Alcorso Foundation.

Moving in with furniture designers sounded a bit ‘dusty’ and loud in the beginning, but it turned out the former warehouse used to store frozen goods and therefore has excellently insulated walls! After Evan moved some walls, I added a good paint-job , a fresh carpet and moved in! I’m very excited to be here and have all these talented and motivated people around me! Almost everything is possible – Ha!

So welcome – to the new studio in Goodwood on the Island of Tasmania!

and a new canvas opened up… for the love of discretionary ligatures…

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