Albuera St Primary ‘art on the wall’ project

The Albuera St Primary School comissioned Tasmanian artist Jonathan Partridge to create some artwork on the walls around the main entrance area.

The tree with the birds was the trickiest one and obviously the most complex – laser-cut out of sheet metal. Jonathan asked me to take over the digitalisation of his hand-drawings for the laser company.  After a little experimentation I ended up re-drawing it in Illustrator, to make sure the shape of the birds comes as close to his drawings as possible. It’s amazing how much the  texture of a pencil or pen influences the appearance of a drawing. The digital version – one single stroke with even thickness has a very different look and feel. To put a hand-drawing into some digital eveness in order for an accurate machine to do its job is almost as if you would translate a word or term from English into German. It needs some interpretation and the product/meaning is slightly different. The only difference is that the laser machine has no sense of humor and can’t cope with missunderstandings.

Next will be a similar project for the window section above the entrance. This time I’m involved in the design process from the beginning, which is great.

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