typography lingo

Ever since I started living in Australia, I have been collecting words. They accumulate over time and even after six years of gathering, there are more to come almost every day.

Working in graphic design, I was confronted with all the type lingo. Obviously I had used the German expressions for years and was very familiar to talk design in German – or Swiss-german for that matter. However, I had to learn many of the English expression ever since I started working here. Some of them I’d like to share here.

Buchstabe – letter/character

Grossbuchstaben – majuscule/uppercase

Kleinbuchstaben – minuscule/lowercase

Kapitälchen – small caps

Schriftart – typeface

Schriftfamilie – type family

Schriftschnitt – weight and width (of font)

Serifenschrift – serif typeface

Serifenlose Schrift – sans serif typeface

Oberlänge – ascender

Unterlänge – descender

Grundlinie – baseline

Ligaturen – ligatures  *easy one!

Versalhöhe – cap height

Absatz – paragraph

Einzug – identation

Satzspiegel – page spread/ page layout

Zeilenabstand/Durchschuss – leading

Gestaltungsraster – grid

Zeilenfall – typographical allignment

linksbündig – flush left

rechtsbündig flush right

zentriert – centred  *another easy one

Blocksatz – justified

Satzzeichen – punctuation

Bindestrich – hyphen

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