Workshops in Bicheno and Woodbridge

Back in Hobart there is a pile on my desk to catch up with. That’s great! It’s nice to have the opportunity to work on a big variety of jobs. The last two weeks, whilst I facilitated art workshops at Tasmanias Primary Schools (Bicheno & Woodbridge) I realised how important it is to be connected and have experience in many different areas. Especially my time in Alice Springs, when I worked with CAT ( influenced the way I approach a project. Also coming across very different forms of management in my life, some excellent some not so efficient, helped me to make informed and thought-through decisions (me thinks). In my opinion it is important to not control everything, but sometimes just let go and trust that it will be fine.

I have met inventive students, fabulous staff and compassionate teachers. Hopefully there will be more workshops in the future. Climate change seems to be an issue students and parents like to discuss further in schools to empower children and take away their fear of the future.

One important learning – I will never ever choose pink and blue paper ever again for any of the workshops! Even if  it means I have to make my own paper! Vote for free colour choice regardless of gender and/or age!

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