book design

Whilst working with an author on a book design, I remembered my book binding teacher, Herr Widmer from Basel. He was a chilled out, old-school book binder, always a smile and a cheeky grin on his face. He was the one who had endless patience when we were sewing our book blocks together and he was the one who would undo the knots and slowly re-saw your book (or mine for that matter). His workshop had always a warm atmosphere, people working on their books, glueing, sewing, pressing and cutting paper. We also made boxes and he regularly shook is head when I again went for the brighter colours, like yellow or red’orange. Since traditional swiss book design colours would rather be dull green, brown or grey. I always felt very welcomed and could relax whilst working on bookbinding projects, there was something about the touch and feel of the materials. I loved these book binding evenings.

All parts of a book have special names and are closely related to how they are made. I have researched the english words and put them together with my illustrations -voilà the anatomy of the book!

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