ASMA exhibition Cygnet


The Australian Society of Marine Artists was invited by the Lovett Gallery in Cygnet, Tasmania to exhibit work of their members. My friend Peter Sharp asked me to put some of my artwork up. Even though I am not quite as passionate about ships as others, I joined and now show some portraits of an old and a young sea bear. (which hang on the left wall -> photo) A rather well known artists also shares one of his works in the same exhibition, Senator Bob Brown. The show is on for three weeks and ends on Sunday Nov 22. The Lovett Gallery is in the back of the Cygnet townhall, 14 Mary St,  for opening hours call (03) 6295 0582. It is run by the The Huon Art Exhibitions Group.

Sailing on Lady Nelson


photo - © Fleur Malcolm

I have also recently joined the volunteers of the square rig ship Lady Nelson. There is a lot of handling ropes and climbing masts involved in the sailing, which is an incredible fun part. Being ordered about by the bosun is something I haven’t experienced for a long time and was a rather irritating experience. However  the bossyness decreased clearly the more time we spent on sea. Or maybe I just learnt quickly to enjoy myself anyway.

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