October/November 09

Just said farewell to my nieces Juliette and Olivia who flew back home to Sydney. They had spent a week with us in Hobart and we took them to adventurous trips around Tassie. From historic Port Arthur to cold rainforest, across swinging bridges, visited the Antarctica exhibition in the Hobart Museum and cooked Pizza and Spaghetti together. It was the small things that were the girls’ favourites – skipping stones on water, rocking on a rope, which held the Aurora Australis in the docks, scarrying sea gulls and making a book together, drawing a page each evening and sawing it together at the end of their trip. It was a fantastic week, we were tired in the evenings and happy faces woke us in the morning.


Art Exhibition November 1st in Cygnet

The Australian Society for Marine Artists (ASMA) presents its Inaugural Exhibition Tasmania

Nov 1st – Nov 22nd 2009 at the Lovett Gallery Cygnet Tasmania

I will follow up on a series of portraits which I started earlier this year, in a slightly bigger format. Come down for the opening night in Cygnet, there will be traditional as well as contemporary marine art exhibited. The Lovett Gallery is behind the town hall.

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