2nd market


This market people found a new presentation and new signage of the necklings and armlings. Going to the market turned out to be very chatty and fantastic for feedback. How else would you find out that someone who bought your armlings 4 weeks ago really enjoyed wearing them on windy days in Adelaide and came back to buy a neckling too! Or someone who loves the Jinka screenprint actually likes the story of Albart even more and had trouble to decide between picture and words. Yes, I know, I promised to put their stories up on this blog…they’ll come very soon!
Even though there’s never really time to have a look around other stalls, I managed to check out Cathy McAuliffe’s stall next to mine. Her illustrations, a mix of ink and watercolour are really special and as a big fan of the Eamses, Noguchi, Panton, Nelson etc, I had to buy one of her cards!

My next market will be at the Venue, 2nd floor Slamanca Arts Centre on Saturday, July 18th. It’s part of the event Hobart+Music=Yeah! So there will be a long list of bands gigin’ and there are stalls to check out!

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One Response to 2nd market

  1. Jacquie says:

    Nice to see you at ‘the market’. Glad it was a success. Your work is really fabulous. I had a stall there too (Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree).

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