Whilst waiting for the bus into town, little water drops fell onto my jacket and slid down onto my pants. Today I decided to take the bus instead of my bicycle in the hope to escape the prospect of complete wetness. It was quiet,no one else was around. Only threads of rain were jumping up after they hit the bitumen and then ran down the hill in a line.

My thoughts were wandering off … and Irkutsk came to my mind. It was raining then too and we took the bus or better tried to. There were different rules we discovered, big bulks of people were waiting at the bus stop. Old and young ones. The later were usually the more successful ones, when it came to get into the bus. We stood there, trying to understand the system. When the busses arrived they were already packed with passengers, sitting and standing. ‘Dinosaurs’ I thought, spoilt with the latest Mercedes bus models driving around in Germany and Australia.

After a while we decided to follow the local habit of pushing and squeezing and somehow manged to get into the bus. Caught in the middle I was happy to be tall. However we couldn’t see anything outside, since the windows were foggy. It was warm and the air thin and thick at the same time. Some little middle-aged lady with an old leather bag squeezed through the crowed and said something in russian to us. She waved some bills in her hand and we interpreted this as being the time to pay our bus fees. Around 10cents. Suddenly the back of the bus jumped up and down, lucky we couldn’t fall over! Parts of the streets were dirt roads and the rain had made the bumpiness worse…

I heared a wroom sound, looked up and waved instantly. Phew I almost missed my bus into town. A friendly woman opened the doors to an almost empty bus. I had trouble to choose the right seat.

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