First market stall in Hobart


the stall

The Masonic Hall was host of the third independent Tasmanian designers market. One of these things I really like about Australia – people invent and make things themselves. Of course there are markets with similar ideas, for example der ‘Boxi’ in Berlin, but the audience and demand for an individual design seems to be much bigger here in Australia. Seeing someone who actually wears what you have created (and is not your relative or friend) is quite fun.


buzzing Hobart markets

Other market stall holders sold hand-printed cards, hand-made dolls with ID cards, soap, tea, feltet things next to bags and jewellery and so on. I was quite impressed by the sophisticated presentation of some of the stalls. Some shop windows in town would get jealous, if they could see, that is. The organic coffee was a good wake-up and the lentil soup ‘war der Renner’.

My first neckling customer

My first neckling customer

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3 Responses to First market stall in Hobart

  1. edwina says:

    The stall looks great, and I think I might know that little guy in the second photo!

    Also, I’ve just tagged you in one of those taggy bloggy thingys! Sorry..

  2. sonja peter says:

    hey.. solche schöne necklinge und armlinge… jetzt noch was für den kopf .. kopflinge? und dann kannst du auch noch zum beanifestival nach Alice kommen ende dieses monats… diese kopflinge fehlen da nämlich noch!!

  3. nk2design says:

    Edwina – thanks. Taggy-bloggy-thingys?

    Sonja – werde mich beeilen, vielleicht reichts ja noch…

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