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Last Saturday I went to a design conference in Hobart, Tasmania. This was part of the Design Island week and six designers from New Zealand and Australia were talking about their work. They covered product, graphic and ceramic design as well as architecture and community projects. It is pretty inspiring to hear other designers talking about their projects. Especially when it comes to challenges and hurdles. Learning about how they managed to tackle them always sucks me in.

Basel Winter 2004

‘Good design is about the process and not the final product’ said designer David Turbridge. This is something my typography students probably can’t hear any more. ‘It’s about concept and content!’ I say and wonder if anyone listens, whilst my words echo in the classroom. Advanced Typography only counts a 12th of the curriculum. People have priorities I guess and I might be wrong.

Davids ( ethics are very strong. Contemporary climate concerns (I use this since the words ‘eco’  and ‘sustainable’ design have been missused already too many times to greenwash businesses and products) weave like a red thread throughout his work. Especially his lighting installation ‘ Three baskets of knowledge ‘ made an impression on me. His inspiration is landscapes and he suggests it’s essential for a designer and artist to know where your inspiration comes from. Well i guess brushing my teeth has worked for me…as well as a few other things.

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